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Offering a unique new solution for luxury real estate and new development projects, Cohen Freeman is the turnkey provider for luxury off-the-plan residential projects and new development sales.


Tailored services for developers, real estate agents, interior designers, and architects, Cohen Freeman delivers bespoke furniture solutions and comprehensive packages for new development buyers, unique to each project.


Founded by Simon Cohen, of Cohen Handler and Jack Freeman, of Freeman Gallery, the duo was inspired by the growing demand in leading cities of the world where turnkey, branded developments, and hotel-style living have become the future of buying off-the-plan residences.


Founder Simon Cohen brings over 20 years of trusted experience in the industry, representing buyers purchasing luxury properties and streamlining the buying process. Co-Founder Jack Freeman of Freeman Gallery brings an unprecedented new-age focus specializing in collectible design, luxury custom manufacturing, procurement, and installation for large-scale 6-star hotels, new developments, and private residences around the world.

Cohen Freeman
Cohen Freeman


With a dedication to fine craft and streamlined manufacturing and procurement, Cohen Freeman creates unique furniture package offerings for each project, working with the sales team, developer, interior designer and architect. Offering customised furniture and lighting packages which marry into the interior design and architectural envelope. Each new buyer is able to customise finishes and selections to suit their needs, installed upon completion and handover.


• Display Suite Management
• Furniture & Lighting Packages
• Custom Furniture & Lighting
• Custom Rugs
• Custom Drapery
• Styling & Décor Selections
• Art Curation
• Procurement
• Installation & White-Glove Delivery
• After-Care Service


With a large-scale custom furniture and lighting workshop as well as also representing over 65 internationally recognised artisans from around the world, Cohen Freeman has access to the highest level of quality product and manufacturing from the Freeman Gallery Artisan Collection:

Alissa Coe
Aline Hazarian
Alter Ego Studio
Atelier Pendhapa
Andres Monnier
Anna Karlin New York
Allied Maker
Axel Chay
Benoit Viaene
Bismut & Bismut
Caste Design
Contain Studio
Edith Beurksens
Elie Saab Maison
Elisa Uberti
Estudio Persona Los Angeles
Fabio Barile
Fernando Mastrangelo
Francesco Balzano
Frederic Saulou
Glenn Sestig
Haymann Editions
Henryk Studio
Herve Langlais
Jan Garcarek
Jarett & Co
Jeroen Broux


Jimmy Delatour

Joshua Vogel

Juliana Vascona

Kelly Wearstler

Le Berre Vevaud

Le Cann

Lisa Franzen
Lukas Cober
Michael Amar
MX Atelier Cancun
Paolo Castelli
Pierre Augustin Rose
Pietro Francheschini
Piotr Dabrowa
Popus Editions
Rick Owens
Rory Menage
Sizar Alexis
Slash Objects
Stefan Leo
Stephane Parmentier
Semeur d Etoiles
Vincent Mazenauer
Wentz Design
Willy Rizzo
101 Copenhagen

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